[Magazine] Pokitto Magazine Issue 2: FEEDBACK


but all feedback, good or bad, in this thread. This concerns both the digital version and the physical version.

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Again, like in the issue 1, all the articles so far in the magazine interest me :slight_smile: I have very rarely had a gaming or computer magazine (or any magazine) where I actually want to read all the articles. This is like magic :wink:

The only downside is that there is not a crossword puzzle this time :frowning: (That was down-voted in the poll after the first mag)


I like the idea of a crossword but the one in the first mag was a little too small. Of course making crosswords is a lengthy task - but there is software / web sites that will do it automatically.

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I used a software for the one in the first mag, but I did with what people provided :stuck_out_tongue: if there’s a demand I can look into making a real big one for issue 3


What about a word search of computer science / Pokitto terms (possibly usernames of prominent members).
Here’s some good examples:


I have now read every single article and enjoyed each of them :slight_smile:
The most interesting for me were Dark Ritual, Canabalto and Assembler articles (for various reasons).