Ludum Dare 40 (Dec 1st - 4th)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ludum Dare 40 is just over a week away and most of us here have recently received our Pokittos. I’m super excited to finally be able to make some games for this wonderful device! I think a great way to bring this community we have here together is to all participate in the 40th Ludum Dare game jam. If you were considering participating in this jam, why not use Pokitto? :smiley:

I’m sure most of you here know what a game jam is and how it works. Ludum Dare is by far the most popular jam I’ve come across. What’s great is we can submit our entries as Simulator applications as well as bin files for voting. I loved all the hype and discussion around here during CGA jam, so I may bee looking for a teammate at some point to share the experience with. (Ahem; @VonBednar, you busy?)
The jam starts 9:00 PM EST on December 1st to the 4th. Next Friday! :open_mouth:
If you have time and like to participate, just comment below so we all can get an idea of who’s in. It’d be awesome to see some others using Pokitto for the jam, and will motivate all of us!
Official Rules

(When sharing to social sites like Twitter, remember to tag your posts #Pokitto and #LDJAM so we can all find it.)



That’s UTC -05:00 for us non-Americans/techies/standard-lovers.
So 02:00 (AM) on December 2nd to December 5th UTC+00:00.

I’d like to give it a but I expect I’ll be bogged down with other things.
(I’m not very good at throwing games together quickly either, I’m too much of a perfectionist to write quick hacks and not feel terrible about it.)

Hi @trelemar !
You’re really tempting me but in the same days there’s also MFR here in Italy and I would like to give a visit to @jonne.
Maybe I could give a hand on some days and sure a vote!

I have today pulled out of MFR2017.

Long story short: I couldn’t get enough units to justify going.

Those units will be on sale on the webshop soon though, and I have a long waiting list actually

Whoa! So sorry. Luckily I didn’t buy train tickets yet. So maybe I’ll be in.

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Yep, was not a pleasant turn of events for me either. I would have needed ~400 units to make it worthwhile.

Darn. That’s a lot of units! The people waiting I’m sure would appreciate it more anyways :slight_smile:

@HomineLudens I’d love to see you participate. After TIM&MIT I know you’re more than jam-ready :smiley:

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At MFR? You haven’t been there. 40000 schoolkids.


Sorry for late response, I was out for few days for holidays.
@trelemar I can help on a scale similar to FC-Jam because I will have my exams that week :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m definitely in, unless I have something unexpected happen (e.g. lots of homework).

Also, funnily enough, two of the possible themes are 3 colors and limited space. Those seem perfect for the Pokitto :slight_smile: