Looking for artists for PokittoCraft

Hey everyone! You might remember me, I was pretty active in this community a while back, and I was the guy making Blocky World, a 2d building and survival game. You can see what I came up with back then here.

I’ve decided to pick Blocky World back up with a few changes. I’m going to remake it from scratch seeing as I’m a much better programmer now than I was back then (now I’m in college pursuing a CS degree) and I’ve also decided I’m going to be using the Pico-8 palette for this game. 16-color palettes make everything easier drawing-wise seeing as I don’t have to use directBitmap(). Also, I’ve decided that the game will now be called PokittoCraft seeing as Blocky World was in retrospect a fairly boring name.

I also don’t really enjoy creating art that much, so I’d like to see if anyone would like to create art for the game. I’d like an artstyle similar to Terraria, but top-down rather than sidescrolling. Just have the art in a similar perspective to the original Blocky World, please! Also make sure you use the Pico-8 palette.


I’ve already committed my art skills to another project and I’m terrible at it, but I’d be happy to contribute items and icons,

I’d be even happier to help with the programming if you need any advice about anything.

It wasn’t boring, we wanted you to publish the source so we could all help to improve it.

You haven’t said anything about the size of your sprites.


I’ll probably be too busy as well, but I just started creating a texture pack for Minetest and along the way discovered there are already some nice reusable texture packs around, which you (or your artist) could possibly use or modify. E.g.:

It’s CC0, absolutely free. You’ll be able to find more packs like this one. Also check out OpenGameArt, it’s stuffed with pixel art.

May the force be with you on your way to your degree :slight_smile:

Oops, that was a typo! I meant “name,” not “game.”

Sprites should be 16x16 pixels, that was a fairly good scale previously. I’ll ask you if I have any programming issues but I think I’ll be fine for the most part. I’ll let you know in the future when I need some item/icon art :slight_smile:

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I know that it’s Computer Science but…the thought of a degree in Counter Strike made me lol a bit too much :open_mouth:
It might be the booze talking… :joy::roll_eyes::wink::+1::sunglasses:


Im just going to say that this game is one of the reasons I wanted a pokitto, the game looks great and I hope to see it available soon.

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