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I was curious about the Information section of a game that shows the file size. It seems to me it shows the .pop file size. Surely we should be showing the .bin file size? This could be captured with the POP tool?

Oh and another thing. Is there a way for the loader to NOT show a folder for a game that would contain the music files? Such as in the case of my games, you see both the Bloids file and the Bloids folder and I think it clutters up what’s on display…

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New version v102 :confetti_ball:

Enjoy, hope you like it.


jawdropping stuff! :scream_cat:


Do we have to uninstall the old version first?

no, just follow the instruction to install the new version.
you can delete .loader folder it’s not needed any more (replaced by kraken folder).

After i finish writing all the information about themes creation
every one should involve in making themes for the loader, the possibilities are endless

here is a sample



Another great update.

I have noticed though that if you are using the ‘default’ theme that the author’s name on a POP listing is unreadable on the real Pokitto. It is purple on dark grey.

I am still keen on discussing the merits of packing addition SD files- like music - into the POP file format and have Kraken expand those out into a directory the first time they are used. In this way a POP file can be all inclusive rather than having a POP file and some SD files that need to be copied into the correct directory.


you can change is as easy as editing an text file

sd card write is out of reach now because of the size limitation, we need to find another way to make it work.

What about if it is done inside Xploritto?

Would it be possible for Xploritto to just unzip a file? That would pretty much “install” the game if files in the zip are in default folders? Xploritto could even ask if we want to delete the install file after it’s all uncompressed.

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yes, Xploritto could do it.

for installation we need default folder structure, but i’m not sure about compression it would be very slow.

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The problem with that idea is that most compressed file formats support more than one kind of compression, so the system would either have to:

  • support multiple kinds of compression
  • make a custom tool that only creates files that use the kind of compression the system supports
  • introduce a custom file format

That said, it’s possible to bundle multiple files into the same file without compression.
We could use something like the .tar format or a custom file archive file format.
(If we made a custom one, I think something based on RIFF would be pretty easy to work with.)

For the record, I definitely think having some kind of ‘package’/‘install’ file is a good idea.

With the right API you might not even need to ‘unpack’ the file, you could potentially access resources directly from the file as long as you only accessed one resource at a time.


Fair enough.

Using Xplorito is an option I guess but its another program people need to install and use. I am thinking of the non-technical people here not the power-users who would have no problem with instructions on where to copy files, etc.

Right. The game itself - via the PokittoAPI - knows how to access files in the POP. That could work.


Bug in Kraken themes version

If there is no SD card, the loader ends up in a screen that is not readable because font colours are broken

This is a problematic bug, because I can’t ship Pokittos with this version


What about a minimalist installer program in the kraken folder. Then you could have the files compressed in a specific format with a different file extention. Then you just drop the installer on the root of the SD card and when Kraken loads it can check for the presence of any of these files and if they exist prompt the user if they would like to install them. This would flash the installer program that reads the files and decompresses them, deleting the file when it’s done. The installation format can also include a simple checksum value like MD5 for verifying the installation was successful.

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This is not a bug the loader make no sense without the sd card, maybe i should display a graphic that indicate the absence of sd card.

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Good idea, i will try to implement it in the next version.

Or maybe have some default colours set, so if it fails to read a theme you can see something?


Yes it is a bug because you get a dialog box with no readable text. Try it yourself

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