Load menu issue


so I flashed the latest loader and Im still having the same issue, when you press the button to navigate the menu if takes off like gangbusters, and doesn’t pause on each selection to give you a second to stop on something,


does it run all the way to the bottom or how does it behave?


It begins moving and just goes until you release the down arrow, it doesn’t pause on anything selecting an item involves moving back and forth and timing when to let loose,
I’ll make a video of it when I get hime


I know the problem. Sorry.

I need to fix that

Edit: wanted scrolling to be fast. Overdid it


image Lol, more power!


I thought the hyper fast scrolling was intentional. I kinda got used to it.


I make do , but I’m ancient and it’s not comparable with my ancientness lol


You can hear the dinosaur brain turning over… tick … tick… dang missed my line again… gotta go back… tick… tick … missed… dang! :grin:

(Pokitto ltd, we make fun of our products AND customers!)


Pokitto is great for dinosaurs, it’s smarter than us and has just the right number of buttons