Livestream #2 , Java of the Dead (TODAY AT 8:00 PM GMT!)



Livestream n.2 , Java of the Dead

Saturday, November 9, 2019 8:00 PM (20:00)

(21:00 (9 pm) Germany Time (UTC+01:00))

Hosts @Jonne & @Zockeromi


[Competition] Java Game Jam competition

Topic split as requested.

I’ve also added a special date tool that will show the time in each user’s local timezone.
Hopefully I got the time right. Thank you for specifying the UTC/GMT offset.

(In case anyone’s interested, there’s a difference between UTC and GMT.)


Thank you! The time is right.


Remember the livestream in 5 hours ! The link will be in this discussion thread.



I’ve globally pinned this to make it even harder to miss.


I made a tweet about the live stream. Please retweet it!


retweeted, put up on insta, shared in FB groups



Starting in 2 hours 45 min.


Updated the top post also.