Licensed user in discobot


It turns out that I am the first person to get the advanced/licensed user role on pokitto talk. Why hasn’t anyone else here gotten it yet?


I know about discobot and its user tutorial thing because I’ve done it on other forums, but I just haven’t got round to doing it here.

Besides, all you get is a plain badge,
so getting it is best reserved for when things are quiet and you don’t have anything else to do.

(On that other forum only 7 people have bothered to get the ‘Licensed’ badge including me,
versus 103 with the ‘Certified’ badge.)

The capybara part is pretty funny because it upsets the search term tracker.
The tracker finds that loads of people have searched ‘capybara’ but there aren’t any topics discussing capybaras.
(Except that now I’ve said this, that won’t be true, because this topic now mentions capybaras. :P)


What is it?


Start a PM with discobot.

Type @discobot start new user and follow the instructions to get the Cerfitied badge.

Then, either in the same PM or a new PM, type @discobot advanced user and follow the instructions to get the Licensed badge.

(But not in code blocks. I’m using the code blocks to stop it activating discobot in the thread here.)

And when you’ve done all that you’ll understand the significance of the word ‘capybara’.


It was nice chatting with discobot :slight_smile:


For people who want to check on who has the badges and who doesn’t:


Nice to not be the only one anymore


You’re welcome :smiley: I just forgot to do it lol


Certificate of Achievement