Left on dpad stopped working

Hi, unsure why, but for some reason my left on the dpad is no longer working. In the video attached, you can hear it is still clicking fine, but refuses to work. I’ve tried it with various games, the Kraken loader and my games and nothing.
I’ve literally only had the Pokitto for a few months so quite shocked at this early failure…

What do I do now?

Dropbox video

Edit: I checked. I bought it on 8 April 2019, so it’s 4 months old.

Edit 2: Added a pic of the board to show there’s no solder issues…

Alternatively, I guess if I could find a replacement switch, I could try unsoldering this one and soldering a new one in?

It sounds like the button component has failed.

I’m sorry about that. There has to my knowledge been only one other such instance. These button components are fairly common. The fact that it has failed has nothing to do with how long you have had it … there probably was a manufacturing fault in the switch component itself.

I will send you a new board tomorrow if you PM me your address (its hard for me to track who ordered what and when)

If you want to try to repair yourself, the button component is a very common standard size.