LCDs shipped, final PCB design arrived, final plastic modifications underway

Hi all

Quick update: LCD’s have been manufactured & are on their way. 1000 pcs to be exact (minimum order quantity). So if you want more Pokittos, just let us know :grinning:

Final PCB with the RTC has also arrived and we will get to test it soon. The printing at the moment is only “Pokitto” logo but ofcourse component names and other info will be added to the board.

Final modifications to the mold are being made right now. What will be modified is the “tightness” of the buttons. At the moment they “rattle” because there is a little bit too much play, but that rattle will be eliminated in the final parts.

Shipping arrangements were also started today.

As a backer you have nothing to be concerned about. We are executing as planned. No major problems have come up (yet).



Maybe I see wrong but is some of main IC pins soldered together?

why is there a second, unpopulated micro usb port?

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Daniel did say there was a problem with solder paste. I guess this picture is taken from that lot. Good spot.

Because Pokitto is going to evolve in the future. I can’t give you an exact time yet but we intend to keep the ball rolling in 2018. USB OTG and a few other things are in the cards.

Tell me @jonne does it feel like christmas when you get all these packages? :smile:

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Honest? It is better than christmas. I have made many products and getting parts is the most addicting part of the whole thing. But it lasts about 5 minutes. The next moment you are anxiously testing them, hoping everything works as planned.

But yes, I love getting parts.

The PCBs are not yet with me, they are with Daniel.

Looking good. I for one, am happy to hear that things are still moving forward.

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Exellente new :slight_smile:
When we need to choose ur color ?

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In about 2-3 weeks time. We will show the colors first as real plastic pieces.

The actual manufacturing of the whole lot of parts takes 0.5 days.

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It’s easy to solve but only takes extra time