LCD holder replacement


I never liked the original (Hardware review: few observations) because:

  • Distorts the colors of the image (check with a plain background, like in Pokittair), pressing the buttons change the colors even more
  • It is springy

This solves everything:

My pokitto is happier now


Nice hack!


Its small items like this that makes me wish I had (money + space for) a 3D printer!
Very nice design!


Get cheapest 100-200 USD from china

Small shelve in any room in the house?


Our houses are too tiny for that. :P
(76 square metres on average.)

Get together a group of like-minded people, rent an office space, fill it with tools.

That’s what someone near me did.
They earn money on the side by 3D printing things for people, for the price of materials and a reasonable service charge.