LCD holder replacement

I never liked the original (Hardware review: few observations) because:

  • Distorts the colors of the image (check with a plain background, like in Pokittair), pressing the buttons change the colors even more
  • It is springy

This solves everything:

My pokitto is happier now


Nice hack!

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Its small items like this that makes me wish I had (money + space for) a 3D printer!
Very nice design!


Get cheapest 100-200 USD from china

Small shelve in any room in the house?

Our houses are too tiny for that. :P
(76 square metres on average.)

Get together a group of like-minded people, rent an office space, fill it with tools.

That’s what someone near me did.
They earn money on the side by 3D printing things for people, for the price of materials and a reasonable service charge.

Would anyone be willing to print me 2x lcd frames and 2x d-pad pivots? If so, how much would you charge for them?

This is the best option. I have used them every time I am away from my printer and it works like a charm

apparently its too thin for them to print…

Let me see what my Prusa says about it

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Oh I can print it then, send me your address in a PM

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Jonne mentioned doing me one in the shop thread…

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Yes and it is now in your package!

Edit: oops, you wanted 2. I’ll print another one

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@eried : I don’t know what kind of filament you use, but at least in PLA I think the LCD holder frame is too thin. If I take it off from a heated bed, it will easily deform.

I wouldn’t think it needs to be so thin, there seems to be plenty of space behind the screen. Or am I wrong there?

Maybe. Unfortunately I don’t have time to investigate right now.

I printed 2 LCD holders and 2 D-pad center pieces and they’re in your package, leaving in an hour or so.

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Cool :sunglasses:…

We also have new orders come in on hats and Pokittos so I am very happy about that!


I used the cheapest chinest PLA. You have to wait for the bed to cool off. Try using 100 microns when printing but I am sure it will work with 200.

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Always go for quality :wink:

Never! But next year they are adding a universal tariff (additional to the VAT) to any import to Norway. No matter of the price… so I am screwed.