Kraken theme making tool

This is a FemtoIDE project that will help with kraken theme creation process.
Change colors and images click build & run to visual the changes immediately.
When you finish with your theme you can share the folder with the community.

There is a wiki article that have more information about themes.

What’s needed

  • copy to SD is checked for the kraken folder.
  • femtoIDE version 0.1.4 or more.

Special thank @FManga for helping with script.

Download (345.2 KB)


Just tried running the ThemeMaker in FemtoIDE v0.0.16 and am having trouble.
image Screenshot from 2020-03-15 10-48-01

Is this how it is supposed to look?

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Maybe I am wrong but I think the theme maker only converts the images you want to use right? After you just copy the converted file on the SD in the right folder. At least that’s what I did when I worked on my theme.

It’s not supposed to look like what you posted.

I can’t even get the emulator to run now. I just tried to run the project linked here with no changes.

Are there any changes I need to make to the project.json to update it to 0.1.6 of FemtoIDE?

Are you sure “Copy to SD” is checked on the Kraken folder?

It wasn’t, but checking it didn’t change anything. The emulator still just opens and immediately closes.