Kickstarter: only 11 days to go

Hello all

I am in U.S. at Pokitto PCB factory at a secret undisclosed location. We are hard at work with Daniel, preparing your Pokittos and doing final refinements etc.

Today we were looking at the Real Time Clock question (if it can be added) and the answer is yes, we will try to add it. Unless something major comes up, it should work ok.

This is a very nice (but not completely free) enhancement to Pokitto that should enable you to make a “Game&Watch” type Pokitto - even use it as an alarm clock!

I have been travelling around USA and been very busy. As a result, Pokitto Kickstarter campaign has suffered a bit.

But, I believe everything happens for a reason. We have plenty of backers to get started, and a lot of work to do. Our aim right from the start was to make this a very high quality product, and high quality products take time to mature. Your feedback so far has been very important (for example comments on USB cables and the RTC clock). We will try to keep our first backers very happy with the product they receive and then work on expanding the userbase.

We are leaving on thursday to San Francisco. We will have a stand at Maker Faire Bay Area and we think we should be able to get a few more people interested in Pokitto.