Kickstarter Campaign day 6: focus, focus

Hello all

A quick update on the situation:

today we released a sneak preview of the simulator and first community made game (pong by @adekto and @nullmember) was running 1 hour later on both the simulator and on real hardware.

This is important.

It proves that although we have a lot of work to do with regards to making things user-friendly for everybody from beginners to more advanced hobbyists, the library, simulators, hardware and API really do work, there is no question about it. This was a successful community-driven field test.

While I like hanging around here, talking to everyone, the truth of the matter is, that the Kickstarter campaign has been losing a little bit of speed and needs attention. So we will turn our focus on the campaign for a few days now, release some press releases and answer inquiries that we have been getting.

We are also still working on the stretch goals, more on that later.

Until tomorrow!


I will post some introduction of pokitto on some Chinese open source hardware community, hopefully it will help

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