Its snowing!


Not really, but here’s a nice animation…


:evergreen_tree:just in time for christmas ! :grinning:


The Netherlands at this moment the view as i look right from behind my pc.


It’s similar in parts of England (including where I am).


I just hope it lasts to christmas, but they already said it will melt in the middle of this week…


There is no snow ever in Antalya :pensive: I seen first snowing weather at 18 years old :cry:


It’s just damn hot over here in Australia, currently 27°C (80°F for anyone still not using metric). Supposedly it’ll be like this most of summer, so i’m incredibly jealous right now.
I can always put more warm clothing on when it’s cold, but there’s only so much I can take off when it’s hot.


Sorry dude, but are there no indoor skihalls around ?


I heard from you for the first time :smile:
In Antalya/Saklikent there is ski center. You can swim and ski at same day in here. But i don’t seen saklikent while snowing. I just see snow on the ground


hahaha, you are right it is not the same :grin: