Is the drawBitmap API supported for 256 colors?

I am making 256 color games with other game machines.
I would like to port it to “Pokitto”
Can drawBitmap API draw with 256 colors?

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No. But 256 would not be difficult to add. Problem is memory: 256 means 1 byte per pixel. And Pokitto has 36k bytes of ram.

what kind of resolution do you need (widthxheight)?

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The resolution of my game is 96 x 64. So I think I will use 110x88 mode.

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96x64 is only 6k. We can make a buffered mode still. What is this TinyArcade? Is it th eone by TinyCircuits?

Yes. I made a game at Tiny Arcade of Tiny Circuits. It is compatible with ArduinoZero. I also want to make games at pokitto.

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Do you want to try the 110x88 @ 16 color mode or do you need 96x64 @ 256 ?

I want 96x64@256 or 110x88@256.
Transplantation is impossible in 16 colors.

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I will add a 96x64@256 mode. It will take a bit of time, but is not difficult to do.

Thank you.
I am looking forward to the arrival of pokitto.

can you do that color extension in any size?

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A) new resolution - making a new screen resolution requires just a few things:

  1. definition of the mode in the header files (screen buffer size, width, height)
  2. new routines for blasting the pixels from the buffer to the screen. This is basically a copy-paste of the existing other modes, slightly modified

B) new bit depth mode:

  1. new putpixel routine
  2. new linedraw, column and row routines (they are optimized for different bit depths)
  3. new bitmap routines (also optimized for different bit depths)

But after A&B are done, you can easily create new modes. Your real limit is the amount of memory you can spare for the display buffer.

The screen is displayed.
The color is strange as it forcedly displayed it. FPS is also very slow.

You need to make your own palette, if you want to use 16 colors

Edit: slow FPS may be because you are not using the game.update() in the right way (it is refreshing every cycle)

Since it was able to build except the screen and sound, I wait for new resolution correspondence.
Thanks for the advice.

Could you post a screenshot / graphics of what the end result is supposed to look like?

Lower 4 bits of 256 colors are forcibly displayed.
So colors will not be displayed properly.
Since the game itself is working properly, we just optimize the game to pokitto.

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I understand. But the reason I am asking is because if you choose good colors, 16 is almost as good as 256. if you give me a 256 color screenshot, i can quickly check how it works in 16 colors with optimized palette.

this is what you can do with 16 colors when you optimize palette:

This is Windows version screen shot.

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thanks! i will do a small test

At 16 colors: