Is it possible to order new Pokitto cases?

I would like to buy a new case for one of my Pokittos as constantly opening and closing it may have damaged it a little. I don’t mind which colours might be available.

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Opening and closing it may have aggravated the situation but it seems to be a basic problem with the Pokitto case, as we discussed in the past.

:cry: hope you can get a new shiny shell

I am surprised there aren’t many (any?) community made 3D printed cases :thinking: I don’t have a printer though… maybe I should get one xD

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@spinal that translucent green was a bit weaker material (=more brittle) and seemed to form cracks easier

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So is it possible to buy a new case? Any (solid) colour at all.

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Orange seems to be a bit brittle too, Ive only opened mine a few times but it looks like the orange part is weaker,

New case would be cool, Ive been meaning to order another pokitto at some point though I doubt pink is still available.