IPS replacement screen

Eh, yes I’m sure… I was talking about the matte layer and maybe something below that…

As I said the different glare in each eye makes the device unusable, so I might as well break it trying to fix that!

Is the screen glass at the core?

Yes it is. I can send you a spare screen for free, so feel free to experiment

@rupy , I tried a 30 degree filter film on top of the screen, it does not really change the situation.

You did not respond to my suggestion about tilting the device slightly. As far as I can tell, even a slight tilt evens out the image the eyes are getting quite significantly. Did you try it?

Also @rupy, I just took the screen apart. The chip on glass is fused to the glass. You will NOT be able to take it apart without breaking the display

Did you manage to peel off the matte top screen layer? Is the filter that makes the screen intensity uneven below the glass?

I will break a screen and check that for you. At the moment I am busy, but I will get back to this soon

Try holding the Pokitto farther from your eyes. Fixes the problem for me.

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Holding the Pokitto far away is not something I can do. I have myopia since childhood and now my eyes are starting to get stale (43 years old) so I would need to buy monitor glasses to do that.

Right now I have to remove the glasses to be able to use small screens and that gives me a very narrow distance of focus between 15 and 15 cm from my eyes.

I would agree that that is my problem if most screens had the issue, but all small screens in the world are compatible with old age eye sight except the Pokitto because the screen was designed for vertical use and in the Pokitto it is placed horizontally.

To give you a metaphor of how wrong that is, it’s like driving a British car with the steering-wheel on the right side with traffic on the left side! Which is not illegal because the rules are crap but not something I would enjoy doing.

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I’d imagine a matte screen improves the situation, instead of making it worse.
Maybe adding another one on top would make it better?

@FManga and @rupy … one thing that probably would work is a duplicated screen

If I ever would have time, I could make a split adapter for two screens and stick them into a thing like this:


I think @FManga suggestion should be tested.

It’s a shame the screen hasn’t got the same horizontal and vertical resolution (as in Pico-8). It would be pretty straightforward to add support to existing games for both portrait and landscape orientation.


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I have managed to remove the matte from the screen

end result: you can not see any pixels anymore

edit: I am sorry, I am very busy right now, I cant go into more detail


I need to see some pictures of that screen when you get the time! Xo

The joyhat only needs the joystick if you hold it the other way around?

Unless you are making a FPS, but I doubt the processor could handle it!

And then you would need a shoulder button!

Hm, ok but what does it look like when you power it?

Is it just broken now?

Completely transparent. There is an image, but it will not show. Its because there is no more reflection behind the LCD crystals

Well, depends how in depth you go. I mean have you had a look here: at this topic?

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But why did you remove the back?

The “matte” is between the backlight and the glass.

I just took it apart as far as I could