IoT device?

I noticed today that the Pokitto seems to have become an “IoT device” according to the home page. So can we expect to see Pokitto tutorials on using IFTTT and sending tweets and being used in a bot to attack national infrastructure and other typical IoT activities?


I have something beautiful in store for this, but alas, it has to wait until KS units are out.

Pokitto cloud file server, for your 32kB file storage needs?!? Pokitto router for your hair-trigger reaction zero-ms-ping-Pong matches?

Yep. Something along those lines :wink:


I saw the words Pokitto & Bot and am now imagining the cutest robot uprising.

Now, I really want my Pokitto to display the Cyberdyne Systems logo on startup.

I go to “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”. Skynet ain’t scary.

I for one welcome our tiny cute robot overlords