Interfacing Diffrenet Sensors,Accessories,Thermal Printer with Pokitto

Can Pokitto support interfacing different types of sensors like temprature,PH,photo sensor to create apps like water parameter checking using pokitto ?

Also on Library point of view is Pokitto has inbuilt functions to operate with sensors out of box ?

I have an idea to use this device for measuring water parameters by interfacing different sensors with it and code in such a way that they can measure PH,Water Salinity,Temp etc with it as it supports GPIO pins


There are a lot of libraries about interfacing sensors and electronics to mbed devices.

Just google the sensor you are interested + keyword “mbed”. In most cases you will find a ready library.

Pokitto is an mbed device and can use most of these libraries with no issues.

Ooh, a thermal printer would be neat to play with.

Gameboy printer springs to mind :slight_smile:

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I have a gameboy printer sitting here, I was thinking the same thing. Although the gameboy printer is very very slow. Also I couldn’t find any info on using a bamboo printer with mbed, there is a good handful of examples (most don’t work) for using one with arduino.

I am using HPGL code to control a cutting machine, but it was intended for printers. Generating HPGL is very simple something pokitto could do. But how to get the HPGL code to the printer idk ???