I'm making a custom build of Piskel

110x88 in standard mode with 16 colors
220x176 in high resolution mode 4 colors
110x88 in mode13 with 256 colors
220x176 in mode15 with 16 colors

these are the ones that use the entire screen (and seem to be most commenly used i think)
there also the backwards compatibilaty modes but those are black and white

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Shouldn’t it be generating .h files instead of .c files?

If the graphics are in a .c file then you can’t include the file and if you can’t include it your code can’t see the identifiers defined by the file.

It either needs to generate a corresponding .h file that declares everything or it needs to generate a .h to begin with (in which case using C headers instead of C++ headers may still be a problem).

Should we change that to .h file then ?

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Currently there doesn’t seem to be a 4 colour mode option, only 256 and 16.

Also I had problems using Piskel at first because it requires cookies and I have cookies off by default - I use a whitelist system instead of a blacklist system.

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Whitelist is much better