Im looking for a musician

hi im looking for a musician for my game chara pixelcroft a side scroller game
and maybe a few other titles

im specificly looking for a composer (or chiptune tracker? idk any music lingo)
id like to request the music be in the format the pokitto can play (not streaming)


Amiga MOD??? 8bit???

idk whatever the synth wants here is the test thing but idk how to write any of it

rboy tracker??? or streaming???

idk if that tracker works or how to play that on pokitto

i realy dont know anything about sound

I’m currently stuck in this limbo myself. I have some music for Sensitive in tracker format, it just needs converted into something I can use on Pokitto.

what is that format looking like? any idea how that works?

Currently it’s saved in modplug tracker -
I’ll have to simply copy it over note-by-note once something pops up.

You do not necessarily need a musician, you can use generated music :wink: Of course, it depends on your needs and requirements for the game music. ByteBeat is something I stumbled upon recently. It is using a very short algorithms to generate waveforms directly. Very interesting!


its interesting, could see this in a couple games, though some of the tunes sound realy bad XD

@Hanski how exactly do you write and execute sound on pokitto im not super clear on how to do it, also what defines do i need to use?

That is something I have not yet tried on Pokitto.

ok just asking, i really don’t know what im supposed to do with these things