Idea: POKITTO Educational Games

As Pokitto is super small.Ideal for travelling.Also ideal as learning tool for kids.What about self-build dictionary?
Simply there will be app on PC/MAC where kids will wrote words and meanings in any language they learn.After that they will export file.Copy to SD.And they will be able repeat words everywhere.Maybe as sort of quiz… Same apps can be for algebra…


I’m not entirely sold on the dictionary idea (perhaps because the details are a bit vague), but certainly there would be some good educational uses for the Pokitto. A maths-oriented game is a good idea.

When I was in primary school they got us to play a game that involved solving maths problems.
I couldn’t remember what it was called but some searching lead me to find that it was “OutNumbered!”.
It was basically a 90s point & click with a maths theme (gameplay video here).

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Pharab&Jonne- Have you played WORD RESCUE (msdos)?

Pharab- supercool game!!!That math…Video.

Simply “eduware” is nice usement of pokitto…

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No I haven’t, but I’ll watch the video. The old-style DOS graphics are amusing.

The gameplay is quite an interesting idea.
I’m kind of disappointed that they expected children to identify a ‘policeman’ (or ‘police officer’ if you’d rather) as a ‘cop’ and to know what a ‘gun’ is. (Those two things are a giveaway that the intended audience was probably American.)

Yeah, there’s definitely oportunity for it.

Quite easy to program too, so games like that would be good for beginners to make (even if the games aren’t particularly ‘cool’).

@Matej & @Pharap : how about Math&Field a math based version of the Konami / NES Track & Field game?

We could have a question popping up, then a quick multiple choice answer will jump over hurdle / increase javelin power etc?


Nostalgia, great game!

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@Jonne - I broken quickshot joystick on that olympics game… :slight_smile:

In Pokitto resolution (220x176)… would be so cool with @Hanski 's sprite addition


Ok, @Matej , you’ve said you’d like to do pixel graphics while someone codes

Could you clean up this spritesheet? Only use colors in the first 2 frames

Strange idea, but it could work.

I will clean sprites during weekend!I like it!