Idea: maybe make a Wikia wiki?

Hey everyone –
I honestly feel like the wiki section of the forums is, well, a bit “forum-y.” It doesn’t really feel like a wiki. Now, we’ll probably eventually want a wiki hosted on, but I was thinking that we could, for now, make a Wikia wiki or something? If memory serves me well, Wikia is free. Yes, it has ads, but I think it would work from a temporary standpoint…
If anybody agrees or disagrees with me, feel free to reply!

Yes, it would be good to collect the wiki & tutorial posts to one easy approachable Wiki. Especially, now that Pokittos are soon being delivered (hopefully :slight_smile: ) . Would you, @epicdude312, have time to setup it? Of course, we need green light from @jonne first.

Or then I can just install some flavour of Wiki on Pokitto server.

Call me biased but I really don’t like the user interface of Wikis. They all feel like they’re from 2003.

But agreed, Discourse wiki just doesn’t cut it.

I’d probably have time to set up the wiki next weekend…right now, I’ve got my hands full figuring out the API and making Pong :slight_smile:

Also, I was thinking of this possibly being just a temporary wiki, and you could maybe install a flavor of Wiki on the Pokkito servers when you don’t have your hands full getting the console itself ready :slight_smile: