Idea: Little Computer People For Pokitto


Should you have a home at the top of the stairs? I know the original had also a part going left or right so it didn’t need a hole, bit if the stairs are this way it may need a hole in the floor above. What do you think?


The post you linked to doesn’t actually explain what mixed mode is or does.

This thought crossed my mind as well.

If the stairs are a bit of an issue, it would be easy enough to use a lift.
A lift would essentially be like a magic vanishing cabinet.


link corrected.
Basically it allows
All at the same time. The screen can is split into 88 lines, each line can have a different ‘mode’. This is possible because all of these modes use the same buffer size, so the only real difference is how the data is transferred to the screen. An advantage here, would be to swap from low-res 8bit gfx to hi-res 2bit (for text as an example) within the same program.


To let you know they would have a message in the top of the screen.

The 220x resolution would be best, speed doesn’t really seem an issue for the game.



In that case, make sure you’re sticking to the same 16 colours for your images.


I need to see how many I’ve used, I think it is 16, and I reuse several.

Ok, so I sampled everything and compared the hex codes, and I don’t know how I did it but after a slight modification I have exactly 16 colors now.


and all the colors in Jenny are reused from the house.