Idea: Little Computer People For Pokitto

Perhaps you should consider just taking a backseat and letting others do the programming?
It depends what matters to you more, learning to program or the game getting implemented.

If you want to focus on learning how to program, I really think putting this project on hold and starting with something easier would be a better option.

I’m not saying that to be harsh, I’m saying that to be kind.
This kind of project is relatively complex for someone who already knows a lot about programming,
so if you try to tackle it while you’re still just starting out then you’re going to struggle with it,
and I really don’t want that to put you off learning how to program.
Basically, it’s a good project, it’s not just a good project for a beginner to face as their first project.

If you’re happy to just be doing art and game design and not touching the programming then me, @drummyfish or a some combination of people could probably handle the programming aspect (time and other projects permitting).

Probably just 2-4 frames. It depends what looks good.


I am more than happy to let the sages weave the magic code for this, I can learn on other projects, I loved lcp years ago, and more recently when I got to play it again on my pocket chip until the platform died, I want to see it resurected for others to Enjoy. Just being associated with the project Is awesome to me.

I’m seriously thinking I can make a personal project out of a pitfall like game, just a dude running in the jungle to begin with.


I can’t program, my project data structure (something between a queue, a stack and random access array) is full :exploding_head:

It’s sad but I had a good laugh at the comparison :smile:

Ok, to save on the animation, I modified teh doors

and a mockup of the LCP to scale


Are we supposed to have a kitchen table? Seems weird to not have one to me.

Oh and great job so far on the graphics!


I could possibly find some time to donate some code to kickstart the project,
but I’d need design documentation to know what everything is supposed to do/how the people are supposed to behave.

Preferably in excruciating detail and with diagrams (flow charts, state diagams).

You mean a std::deque?

(Image stolen from this SO answer.)

Like the Google Chrome dinosaur, but with pit jumping?
Sounds like a good first project.

As always, if there’s anything you don’t understand, ask away.
(Even if the question is “halp, the compiler is giving me big scary errors, how do I fix my code?”.)
No question is too small.


Working on that , not sure how I want it to look

I will work on that ASAP, I have the next two days off finally


Also I will write them out and take pics asap

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just a mockup of a pokitto lady



Very cool, you’ve already got some nice skill in graphics. I liked the faceless stick figure above a lot. The lady is good too, but she’d need some kind of contours, because against some walls she becomes transparent due to the limited palette.

True, I honestly think that a stick person may be better, sure you can get more emotionally invested in the human like figure but she’s so small she cannot have an outline and like you said invisible lady.

But with the contours it’s not that bad, it fits the style of the furniture etc.:



I personally think this Little Computer People is a great idea and the sketches so far look fantastic.


It would be really cool if the little people would go on a computer and you could play a minigame!


They could in the original Commodore 64 version you can play poker with him and some other game how did you get the outline around them

I painted them :smiley:

You know what this reminds me of? This:

I was thinking of doing like a larger version of the stick figure like a shadow and then putting the character in front of that shadow to give them an outline

Because I really don’t want to do the black background walls like in the spectrum version

It’s just a 1 pixel border around her right?

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Here is the initial flowchart

It’s got branches lol.

The work side is not necessary atm just a place holder for an idea.

initially I am just going to make the male and female have one outfit, until I get better at animating them, I think three frames can cover walking, and going up and down stairs can be just two repeated,

also I left out a part of the chart for thirsty, using the potty,


ladywalk1 1
ladywalk2 2
ladywalk3 3
ladywalk1 1
ladywalk5 5
ladywalk6 6
ladywalk4 4

pattern for walking
I get the feeling Jenny will be the initial character, lol
I still need to animate her arms , and then up stairs walk,
and the other park of the walk,


so far this is upstairs, just this then flipped, back and forth,
for upstairs, her head will be seen from behind,


needs some work, lol

and sitting in the chair downstairs
for teh computer desk, I just need to modify it a bit, so you see her from behind
ladysitrht with chair

upstairs chair

sitting at dinner table

sleeping in bed

current house next it will get some artwork perhaps a clock.
I ned to make the bathroom door open the other way, and make open and closed images for the doors and fridge.

also the black area at the top I left for messages like Im hungry, Im bored, Im thirsty ERMAGERD SPIDERS ect