Idea for pouch - comments please!

Hello all!

We’ve been thinking about the pouch and what is the best way to proceed so that we can get a stretch goal out of it. We really like the DIY spirit that is going on here.

So now that I had an hour free, I photoshopped the idea that came from @olli

The shape of the Pokitto is ideal for pouches, because you could just drop it in and the arms and legs keep it in place. Also, there could be a pocket for a microsd adapter, so that you have it handy when you transfer files from the PC to the microsd



Can it have a belt holder on the back XD

But realistic, any way to use a pouch to protect the screen, like add an enevope ontop your design to keep it protected and secure

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The pouch idea is good. But I’m not happy with the strap. Would be easier to handle and cheaper if the pouch just has some hooks on top and bottom, so you can attach it to an usual lanyard. (And maybe a belt holder on the back)


@Fel If you can, post example image of a product that you think has the right kind of attachment. So that we fully understand what you mean

Screen needs to be protected, eh? I give you the “ninja” version


sorry terreble drawing
but the flap could act like a belt holder

i think he wants those kinda rings to add landyards to

oh and 2 way snap buttons on front and back XD, probebly to expensive a part to find

well the idea is you can play in the holder with a concept like this


ok maybe you dont need the fancy button clip thing and a regular turned upside down may work

that or just use velcro


Honestly, I think even just a basic leather slip in pouch would be great. Something to slip it in before putting it in your pocket with your keys.

Something like this, only smaller of course:

Something along those lines, already available and easy to get in bulk would be a great, easy perk to add-on. Especially if you get colours that match the pokitto :slight_smile:


Yes, I would love something like that too!

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Cheap n cheerful, nice colours, already available and would be an easy add on stretch goal, so there’s no focus taken away from the core product, and very little man hours involved :slight_smile:

@Markus77 just sent me this outrageous “Ultimate Survivor” version :joy:


I like your idea @adekto to keep an access to the buttons in front. :slight_smile:

Those mockup designs are pretty clever, but I think something simpler like what @pixelplatforms suggested would be more practical. If you image search for “gameboy carrying pouch” or “ps vita carrying pouch” they tend to be pretty simple zipper or button pouches that protect the screen and shield the device from dirt and splashes. I think a pouch that allows the Pokitto to be thrown in a bag or pocket is more versatile than a neck lanyard.


The neck lanyards are fun, but I like how practical the one @pixelplatforms suggested. I don’t see myself using th one around the neck. I’d toss the strap and slide it in my pocket or my son would put it in his backpack.


@josh @wuuff @pixelplatforms @nickt
whats your opinion on that ipod sock type things or is that a bit to cheap looking?

those of the shelf phone pockets are ok but it would be way to long compared to the pokitto and split open pretty thick (see lego peg) since its thinker than those thin bricks they call phones these days

whats that like a about 1cm?

Just a suggestion, but I’d consider saving most of these cute character pouches until after release. For now I think most of us just want to make sure the screen won’t be scratched up by our keys and will be happy with a fairly basic option.

The Ninja version without neck straps would do the job for me, but a slip case as @pixelplatforms suggested would be even better.

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I like @adekto 's design.



That flap does the job of protecting the screen and front, lift it up and you have access to use while still in the case. And it is still protected in case of accidents. The neck strap helps too. Functional, fits with the original proposal by @jonne and special to Pokitto.

I don’t agree with a generic pouch. Having to pull the unit out to use is clumsy. If I wanted yet another pouch,I already have tons. I could even use one of my kid’s socks.

After all the detailed thought put into Pokitto, throwing in a generic slip on pouch is a disservice.


That is awesome, and looks simple to dulpicate