I would like to host a live Q&A

Hi All

I’d like to host a live Q&A session.

Suggest a way to host a live session. Experiences, ideas?


I think YouTube would work best.

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YouTube is best, twitch isn’t bad but for a product like yours, I think YouTube would be perfect. If you would like any help with sharing the date and time. I would be willing to post a video on that :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching tutorials on this and it seems OBS and YT is a good combo.

We need to make a good poll what time of day is suitable & maybe also topics of interest. @WMG : I wouldn’t mind if you take care of this.

Let’s hold the first PUGtube session soon.

PUG = Pokitto Users Group

A Reddit like AMA may be a suitable format too. It doesn’t have to be a video stream.

I think Twitch is generally better for that sort of thing because it has a live chat feature (you can even get cool ‘chat bots’ that handle commands), but I suspect more people have Youtube accounts than Twitch accounts so Youtube would probably be better from the point of view of being as inclusive as possible. Maybe it would be best to start a poll to ask people either A) which accounts they have or B) which option they’d prefer.

I know of one semi-professional youtuber (probably the only one I actually watch) who uses OBS. (He never said he does, but once he accidentally let a frame into a video where the software was visible.)

When asking about time of day, may I ask that UTC offset is supplied along with the timezone when asking people?
For those of us who understand UTC and know the UTC offset of our own timezones it saves us having to look up time zones we aren’t used to.
For example I know my timezone is currently UTC+01:00, so it’s easy to tell that a timezone that’s equivalent to UTC-07:00 is 8 hours behind me, whereas if you said “PDT” I’d have to go googling to find out what timezone that is.