I want to make a game

Tonight I dusted off the old laptop and got platformio working pretty quickly. The last time I was working on a project it was all through the online mbed editor and let me just say its a giant relief to not have to deal with that anymore. Basically I’d just like to take a quick vote to see what style everyone would prefer as I only have a few small ideas right now. I’ve been itching to work on something more and more every day and have been lurking here again for a few weeks now.

Right now I’m leaning towards something turn-based like Pokemon or Earthbound but I’ve always seen the Pokitto as a perfect little device for a proper rogue-like so I’m not throwing that out just yet. I also know the pain of being too ambitious with past projects so a rouge-like seems a little more achievable.

I haven’t worked on anything in over 8 months now and it’s great to see the same familiar faces here still killing it. :smile:

  • Action RPG
  • Turn Based RPG
  • Roguelike

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Welcome back Trevor! :tada: What a nice surprise. :grin:
It has been a long time and I can’t wait to see something new from you!
It the last months there has been some good improvement on the develop tools and framework, so you’ll get a better environment. Still there are some edges to smooth.
I case you’ll find them, feel free to discuss.

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you wanna pick up pokitbeasts? its got some assets you can use if you want, it was inteded to something pokémon like but up to you want to do :slight_smile:


A Mother-like would be good.
(Mother is “Earthbound”'s proper name. Also I think Mother 3 was better than Mother 2.)

A Pokemon game is a game I’d really love to make, and I’ve been planning one ever since I got the Pokitto, but I really want to get some of my other projects out of the way first, and improve the library.

Or at the very least the SD part of the library.
Working with files is still more difficult than it ought to be.

Anyway, I voted ‘Roguelike’ because I think that’s a more realistic short-term goal.
The hardest part of a roguelike is the dungeon generation.

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Nice to see you back. You have so much talent and so many great ideas!