How to update Pokitto Lib in offline projects

Now I’ve some of projects not updated with latest version of the library. Every project is contained in a sub directory inside the Example folder. What’s the best way to merge the online report with mine without losing changes I’ve made in the Embitz (.ebp) and Code::Blocks(.cbp).
It’s enough to save that files and restore back later? Ho do you manage this with your projects?
I really would like to avoid do this all by hand.

You can try some merge tool (e.g. WinMerge) to combine your cbp with the cbp that comes with the latest PokittoLib.

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That’s could work. Is there no other way to split the Pokitto Lib and referencing it from another program?
Maybe using Code::Blocks workspace with multiple projects?

Keep library updated and losing project structure seems a poor solution. Mbed online manage this very well, but lack all of the debug stuff.

I am aware of this problem and I am working on it.


It’s fairly easy to extract the library elsewhere and then copy across everything but the .cbp file.

In windows file explorer, holding ctrl and then left clicking lets you toggle the selection of individual files, so you can highlight everything and then manually skip the .ebp file.
Manually skipping the .cbp file as well is a bit more effort, but all you have to do is skip the pokitto simulator code folder on your first copy and then apply the same technique for the contents of the simulator copy.

I’m sure there’s a way to write a batch script that copies all but the .ebp and .cbp files though.

If you’re using git on the command line and you set your project up to use git, you could probably get it to act as if all the changes you made were made on top of the ones made by the PokittoLib update.