How retro game consoles work

just wanna share this as more of a novelty topic, there these youtube channels explaining how older game consoles works

how the nes and snes work
how the gameboy works


This is one of my all-time favourite talks on the subject

Linus Akesson on how chip music works


Nice I’ve seen the on on how the old Apple and amiga games work and how you can squeeze so much out of the limited pallet it had

hi @BigBadHodad do you have a link for that?

I’ll check, it’s on YouTube.

Ok here is part 2

It’s from 8-bit guys channel.

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And I will just recommend the 8-bit guy’s channel all together, he has a lot of good videos about old computers and how they work (how retro graphics work series is quite good):

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i like his repairs aswel

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