How do track and patterns work?

sound api is very undocumented and i really have no clue what anything is

im assuming track and pattern need a array of some sort of structured uint16_t data but i cant make out what the format is.
all i get is some static noise

im trying to playback sound from flash not sd

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I am so close to making a major update to this.

But if you choose to use PROJ_GBSOUND you can use 100% Gamebuino classic tracks, notes, patterns etc. (PROJ_ENABLE_SYNTH can not be used at the same time, and should be set to zero)

Reference to Gamebuino classic pattern/track structure can be found here:


…hitting a wall on this - any old school Gamebuino coders here able to help decipher what the contents of these sound pattern arrays mean?!

I can’t help, but I’d like to point out this is why I advocate using enumerations and structs to store sound data if possible rather than going for pure unsigned integers.

Apparently they realised this in time for the Meta:

This may be of use to you:

Yeah… it looks like decoding all of those bit shifts in updatePattern would lead to some enlightenment? :frowning_face: