# Score Player
1 4,200 @lucentbeam
2 2,630 @filmote
3 1,950 @filmote
4 1,730 @filmote
5 1,620 @torbuntu


# Score Player
1 5,390 @torbuntu
2 1,495 @filmote
3 230 @Hanski


# Score Player
1 43,925 @filmote
2 28,880 @torbuntu
3 3193 @Hanski

Hexon: 990
Hexer: 1,495
Hexic: 43,925


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HexIC: 28,880
HexER: 5,390
HexON: 1,620

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Hexon, 1730

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Hexon, 4200


DANG! That is an amazing score!

Version 1.1 has just been released and fixes a significant bug in Hexic.

If you already have the game installed, you can simply grab the POP file and replace it on your device.

You will note that the new version has a version number in the lower right-hand side of the screen. I think we can now only accept Hexic scores on this new version.



Fair enough! Will clear my score and start over :smiley: thanks for fixing that so quickly!

Yeah - disappointing for me as I have the high score. I am unsure how much this bug helped me but obviously it must have!

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That is an amazing score … and looks like you got it on your first go?

Was there any tactics involved, pure luck or both?

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Yep, first try!

I played another round and only got 600-something, so there was definitely a lot of luck.

Other than that, my strategy was to a) keep different colors confined to “their own” vertex in the hex (whittle them away, keep them away from each other) and b) play fairly risk averse - instead of setting up aspirational combos, I would take out as many hexes on a turn as I could.

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That is amazing then!

Yep, they are the strategies I am going with as well. No hero moves, just spread the gems out and clear as quickly as possible.

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I like to make huge hunks of solid colors and clear them all in big combos. Doesn’t always worm out, but it is satisfying hehe

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Not the highest score, but still places

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I am determined to get the highest score! But not quite there yet.

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