[HIGHSCORE] Incipient


# Score Player
1 1,405 @jpfli
2 1,354 @tuxinator
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Thought I’d go ahead and get this party started.

There goes my weekend plans. :eyes:;;


@tuxinator2009 I see you did the decent thing and left slots 2-5 open

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I was testing my new game controller and got 1405.

My tactic was to briefly go offscreen to safety whenever the situation got too threatening, and try to get to a better position. Sometimes I made an U-turn just outside screen border and waited for the enemy to follow. When it has got its head offscreen I show up and try to bite its tail. Though, that rarely succeeded.


Nice job. The offscreen strategy can be tricky but yes any part that is offscreen is safe and any mouth offscreen can’t chomp sny body parts.

I’ve played this game so much now, but haven’t really come close to this score again lol.

Do you press the dpad buttons one at a time like I’ve seen many do or are you like me and sort of “roll” your thumb around the dpad almost like its a joystick?

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I use the actual joystick on the game controller. :wink: Good thing you added joyhat support. It really fits well with this game and certainly gives a little advantage compared to d-pad.