Hi from Québec, Canada

Hi everyone,

My lovely wife gave me the Pokitto i have been talking about for months now. I should be trying to create a couple things for it in a not so distant future :wink:

As far as programming goes, i am fairly new to C++, and started to learn some basic while working on games for the Arduboy. I am more competent in the graphic design side of thing as it’s what i do for a living.

From what i saw on the forums, we have a nice community and i saw a couple familiar faces here.


Bienvenue! It’s a pretty laid back crowd here. When we are not surfing at Maui, sunning ourselves at Cote D’Azur, or sipping cocktails in Florida, this is where we spend our time.


Hi Pac-man! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My plan to slowly insert double agents into the forums is working :P

Seriously though, do you reckon we’ll get a LoveRush port eventually?

(For anyone who isn’t from the Arduboy Forums, me, @Vampirics and @filmote all know each other from the Arduboy forums and have all worked on games together.)


As soon as I get my head around how to work on the pokitto you can be sure I will port it, with a few extras since I am pretty sure we can.


Greetings Vampirics! Nice to see you around😉