Hi from Dorset -> Thanks to Pharap I now know there's an INTRO section o_0!


From the UK, Dorset specifically.
Been using computers since the Vic20 bu tI don’t work with them. Everything I do is at the hobbyist level (or possibly lower! :thinking:)

My list goes:

ZX Spectrum +2
Amiga 500
Powerbook Duo 230 - please, I know, I actually liked MACs at one point…don’t judge :roll_eyes:
Amiga 1200
PCs - various builds / upgrades from 1999 until 2009. Then I gave up on the power race and became a dirty console peasant :wink: never looked back
Lots of consoles from 1998 onwards…

Raspi - I have a few. I mostly use them for small projects, nothing fancy or terribly useful! Retro-pi etc.
Not a massive fan of Linux.

I have an Arduboy but it’s broken now :unamused:
I have a Pokitto but C++ is a mystery to me still - may as well be written in hieroglyphs atm :wink:

I dabble with Pico-8 / lua but not to the level of the coders that I see online. Also dabble with Pixelvision8.

I love the Demoscene too. I’ve been following it for about twenty years but I’m just a fan who’s still impressed with demos that really hit the metal :slight_smile:

Did I mention my amiga(s)?

I still have my A1200, towered up with:
Mediator PCI
3dfx Voodoo3 3000
Apollo 1260/66 (either 32 / 64MB RAM can’t remember which off hand!)
CD-ROM etc.

The other one is a very yellow A500+

The 1200 was good at the time (and will be again) and is waiting to be serviced, re-capped and for the Vampire accelerator to be released - whenever they get around to it :wink:

I post about this sort of thing on Twitter a fair bit…

Mostly into Amiga’s and the retro consoles that I bothered to keep, and single board computers. There’s only so much space after all…

Since getting into the Raspi / single board computers I’ve noticed more and more of these awesome programmable consoles being released, such as Pokitto :+1: and I thought, why not give it a go :slight_smile:

Anyway…loving the Pokitto but I really need to try to get into C++ a bit more.

I picked up some books on it :+1: but the decent ones (that people seem to recommend) are a bit pricey.
And I’ve found some decent online tutorials but…see comment above about Hieroglyphics :wink:


Not too far from my neck of the woods.

Don’t tell @eried :P

Have a peek at this.

And of course, I’m happy to answer any questions, no matter how silly.
If I don’t know the answer off-hand then I know how to decrypt the jargon.

Books are overrated. I’ve read precisely one physical C++ book.

I actually used to be able to match hieroglyphics to the sounds they make.
I’ve got a card explaining them somewhere. (Got it from a jeweller in Egypt.)

Anyway, I digress… :P

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a lone tear drops into the latte macchiatto


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Just kidding, there are very cool people here, nice to have you here :smiley:

Have you considered micropython on Pokitto?


I’ve not considered MicroPython at all :open_mouth:
I’ll have a look at lunchtime today :+1:

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