Hi from Cheshire, UK

My first time here, so thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m Roysterini have recently been fiddling with #pico8. Anyway, I am converting a C64 game to #pico8 called Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom. I am hoping to do a Pokitto version later.

Anyway, I come from a Commodore 64 background and have done a few games using 6502/6510 assembler language. I am finding a more high level language (like Lua on Pico8) somewhat refreshing and easier to get things up an running. So, I guess picking up coding (C++?) on Pokitto should be similar.

I’m not really a coder, but dabble with it as a hobby. My day job is making games (again, not as a coder) and have been in the industry for 25+ years.

My heart lies with retro and anything akin to that. Pokitto certainly tickles my fancy.

Right then, time to start checking out tutorials…


Roysterini / @Pico8Fan


Welcome! It’s good to have you on board!

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Nice to see you! Pico-8 is wonderfully integrated dev env. You can also use Python with Pokitto games and other apps.
Btw. I am dedicated C64 & Vic-20 fan too :slight_smile:

Ooh nice! A fellow C64 lover :slight_smile:

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6502 assembly is my favorite (sorry 1802 guys). Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


By the way, I released the PICO-8 game. It can be found here.

Spaceman Splorf - PICO-8

I wonder how well it’ll convert to Pokitto?


I would use 110x88x16-color mode for it. That resolution is a bit smaller than in pico-8, but as it is a scroller game it should not matter much. 110x88 is a very fast mode. It would be great to see the game on Pokitto :slight_smile:

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Oh hey! I’ve seen that game on Twitter. Could be a fun little project to port over to Pokitto. I agree with @Hanski definitely use the lowres 16 color mode :smiley: