Hi all! I got my Pokitto as a surprise present :)

My brother did the kickstarter for me and told me he had pledged a campaign that he knew I would love and never told me what it was months and months ago. So I was wondering all this time what it could be, and apparantly my Pokitto got lost in the mail at first so they had to send me another one, mine was one of eight lost I was told. So they hurried up and sent me out a new one and I still wasn’t told by my brother what I was getting XD

So this morning the package comes and I didn’t realize it was from the kickstarter, I subscribe to Dollar Shave club and I was expecting my new razors and the packages was about the same size as those. So I assumed it was my razors. SO I opened it up and a little game system fell out :slight_smile: I looked at the documentation and the website and here I am.

This is really cool :smiley: I love this sort of stuff. How easy is Pokitto to learn to program? This is the sort of thing I’ve needed to get me started I think, I’ve always wanted to get into this stuff.


Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Programming isn’t really something you can explain as ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ but more ‘fun’ or ‘boring’. Have a good look around the forum, there are some good beginner posts around as well as instructions for setting up a simulated environment on your computer, which helps speed up development a little.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check it out.

Programming is a long and complicated journey.
(But so is learning to sew or play an instrument,
or any kind of hobby that involves learning a skill.)

The important thing is that it can be really fun,
especially if you like puzzles and problem solving.
It’s also very rewarding, and it can be very eye opening.

It’s hard to say whether programming the Pokitto specifically is easy or hard because it will depend on the difficulty of what’s being programmed and the skill/aptitude of the person,
but it’s no harder than any other neo-retro game consoles and the important thing is that there’s plenty of people around to help if you get stuck.

…I could imagine the Pokitto with a razor attachment.

If you don’t mind, since this post is sort of your introductory post I’d like to move it to the “introduce yourself” area.

I don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

Then consider it done.

I apparently got a bad sodder paste job on my Pokkito board and about nine hours after posting my problem I was helped. :slight_smile: Great job. I’m really happy my brother got me this neat little toy and I am can’t wait to become a part of the coimmunity. You all rock. This little game system sort of reminds me of the Cybiko from the 90s which i had and love :slight_smile: these things seem to be kinda a loving homage to those. Duno if that was intended but that’s the feeling they give me. Also I love that it has little arms and legs ^^ Reminds me of Beemo from adventure time.

I can’t say enough nice stuff about it. :slight_smile: You all did a lovely job designing these and I can’t wait to see this community grow.


Packing your replacement right now.


Thanks Jonne I appreciate it.:slight_smile:

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