Hello from France

Hi all,

I’m coming back from holidays (with only my ipad pro and very little internet connection) and I was so happy to find my pokitto at home waiting for me.

I have of course already too many consoles and micro controllers ( have a look at my precious collection :slight_smile: )

My main idea as usual is to present the device and its usage to french beginners, kids or adults through blog articles and videos.

Now let’s see if I can do some java or python on it and who knows, some Go
At some point, I’ll use some of those devices with my kids workshop organization.


This is indeed a fantastic collection! My collection has a few of the same boards :smile:

I definitely look forward to seeing what projects you do with Pokitto!!

I already had 2 big projects : assemble the pokitto and successfully flash it from linux :slight_smile:


That is great! Another Linux user too :smiley: awesome!

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Welcome aboard!


Welcome (from France as well)! That’s a nice collection.

It’s nice to have people helping more youngsters get into the programming bandwagon! I’m happy everytime I see these initiatives popping here and there.

Have fun with the Pokitto, it’s a very fun and cute device!


I will have to digg more into the flash topic, doing add command is not a common way to push binary to a microcontroller

Bienvenue chez Pokitto.

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