Hello from Finland!

Hi, my name is Olli, and I have been following the Pokitto project very closely for the past years. I have seen how enthusiastic my own kids are about Pokitto, how they have already played some games with the prototype and how they like the design which is cute, and feels comfortable in their hands.

I am an engineer and I have some programming background. I don’t think however that with Pokitto you would need to know how to program, although our kids are learning to program in a very early age nowadays. They first program with Scratch, which makes them familiar with very basic drag and drop programming. Eventually they move to Boolean functions and object oriented programming. Coding is not the purpose, but to learn how to solve problems. With Pokitto I hope we can all make our kids learn how technology works, how we can easily build something and how we can use our imagination to solve our everyday problems where technology can have it’s role in the process.


Olli has been working on the background, helping with marketing and other stuff throughout the Pokitto project (1.5 years now). Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks Olli!