Hello from an Italian living in Ireland

Hi all guys and congratulation for this amazing idea!

I really still can’t believe someone start to teach programming with C/C++ instead of scratch or python. Probably little bit harder but the final result will lead in something our little ones will thank to us in the future!

I started programming back in time with BASIC, then learned Z80 assembler and C for firmware programming and then turned my career to system engineering instead of programming and now, at 42, with a 4 years old son, I want to restart wher I left giving the possibility to my son to learn too.

This is real programming and real fun!

thanks again and we’ll see you soon on the forum, I really can’t wait to hold my Pokitto and start play with it!


Hi Dany!

We have already started development on “Pokiblocks”. Pokiblocks is a Google Blockly “jigsaw” type visual editor that generates super small Pawnscript. Pawnscript is a typeless language that can be run as bytecode on small devices. I have ported a Pawnscript interpreter to mbed a few years ago.

This will allow programming Pokitto without needing to learn C.

Personally, I think C has a bad reputation as a first language for no good reason. If someone bothers to explain the basics of the language properly, and not just gloss over them, you can learn C pretty much the same way as any other language. Plus it’ll pay off in the future.

Welcome to the community!

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