Headphone audio is really loud

When I plugged in my earbuds while playing maruino, I was severely startled by how loud the audio was through them (even though I had the volume as low as possible). I tried with a pair of headphones, but they were also really loud. The reason I’m concerned is the fact that it is fine to have audio that loud for a few minutes, but after a while, it starts to hurt my ears. I also tried the intro program at lowest volume with both sets of earwear, but it was still loud. Is there any way to make it any quieter? Also, is there any ways to change the brightness?

Have you tried it on the loudest setting to check if the loudness setting is backwards?

Also, what happens if you put it on the volume setting just above the quietest setting?

It could be a hardware fault but it’s hard to know at this stage.

I remember seeing a bit of backlight code in the library,
but I don’t remember whether it has been implemented or not.

It should be possible to add it if it isn’t.

Or do you mean colour brightness?
(Remember that the Pokitto has a TFT LCD rather than an OLED LCD.)

I have tried that and the volume goes up and down normally. The reason I’m talking about this is because no matter what, I can always hear the audio a little bit away from the earbuds. (For reference, here is a video) (and yes that’s audio is coming from the earbuds, not the speaker) https://streamable.com/n5rjt

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with the audio.

Controlling the volume is very difficult on a technical level and also depends on the impedance of your earbuds. You should be able to make the volume level completely inaudible. If you cant, something is wrong.

The volume control on Pokitto became a compromise that has caused me no end of problems - there are variations in the sound levels from one board to the next. This is because the amplification level varies due to reasons I have not been able to pinpoint.

In next revisions of Pokitto we will probably overhaul the entire audio amplification system.


When do you think the next revision of Pokitto will be ready? Any general timeframe?

Not really. To be honest, Pokitto has moved from “business” status to “hobby that pays its bills”.

Its viable going forward (because low expenses and no debt + owned tools) but decisions are driven by the availability of time.

I have been discussing and even designing a new version with Daniel so its maybe not so far off.

Edit: I’ll try to find a more specific answer to this, I need to talk to Daniel

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Is there currently a wAy to detect headphones? I think I remember a discussion about this in the past? If not, would a DIY solution be possible, like soldering a wire from the headphone pins to a PEX pin or something?