Hat purchases

Out of curiosity, who has purchased or built any ‘hats’ for their Pokitto?
@Jonne - Have there been much interest in the hats from the outside world?

  • Joystick Hat
  • Traffic Lights Kit
  • FM Radio Hat
  • Other/Custom (please comment)

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Custom Hats I have are - FM Radio Hat (prototype), Xbox chatpad hat, Mega Rumble Hat.(dismantled)

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Not sure if it counts as a HAT, but I put custom because I am using a tiny breadboard as a concocted IR HAT.

I was watching and waiting for a breadboard hat though :eyes:


I’m using PEX to connect an NRF24L01 module, not sure it’s a Hat.
Also I’ve use the PEX to connect a couple of stepper motors trough an ULN2803 Darlington drive.
And some other experiments…