Hat Ideas


something like this for Pokitto would be awesome for prototyping! image

Since currently I’m doing this


Rumble backpack?


Question is, which is better, backpack or boots?

(Image from the original post.)


I have no idea how feasible this is but… how about a Pokitto in a watchx format?
No case, shrunken board with just 3 sideways-facing buttons (A, B, C), glued on screen.
The directionals, flash button, speaker, and battery could optionally be added by means of soldering pads.

The idea being that you prototype hardware projects with a standard Pokitto, then make a final with a barebones Pokitto.


A wearable variant of pokitto would be so awesome actually! I have a wearable bbc micro:bit but find the programming for it a bit offputting.


Began work on this already, ordered the components last night. The idea is a fixed solderless breadboard that attaches directly to Pokitto