Hat Ideas


something like this for Pokitto would be awesome for prototyping! image

Since currently I’m doing this


Rumble backpack?


Question is, which is better, backpack or boots?

(Image from the original post.)


I have no idea how feasible this is but… how about a Pokitto in a watchx format?
No case, shrunken board with just 3 sideways-facing buttons (A, B, C), glued on screen.
The directionals, flash button, speaker, and battery could optionally be added by means of soldering pads.

The idea being that you prototype hardware projects with a standard Pokitto, then make a final with a barebones Pokitto.


A wearable variant of pokitto would be so awesome actually! I have a wearable bbc micro:bit but find the programming for it a bit offputting.


Began work on this already, ordered the components last night. The idea is a fixed solderless breadboard that attaches directly to Pokitto


Anyone else imagining Jones work bench covered in hundreds of hat prototypes?


After seeing a picture on discord I imagine that @jonne s workbench is in a little cabine covered in the middle of the woods!


Close. A little cabin in the middle of the city.


Pokitto need an esp8266 serial WiFi hat


this wifi hat will enable a lot of possibilities:

  • multiplayer local or over the cloud.
  • internet of things (IoT).
  • and a lot more esp8266 is very powerful chip.


Pokitto CLiK hat
Just a simple low megapixel camera in a hat with a shutter button that can save its low res images to the sd card, and to go with it

The pokitter a thermal printer akin to the old game boy printer it would need its own battery, and prints b&w prints of CLiK hat pics on thermal paper like cash registers / credit card machines use and if it could be found that sticker paper the Gb printer had.


I really like the camera idea. :smiley:


I’d buy one.


Pokitto DS ? :kissing_heart:


I like this idea for two other reasons.

Firstly it would be a good oportunity to play around with some depth perception and image processing algorithms.

Secondly it would be a good opportunity to write a barcode scanner or QR code scanner.

With a barcode scanner…




Yup, there is a game idea in itself


My Twin!


Would I be far away by guessing a test hat fro eventually reading spi signals from an popular atmega based device as a hat?


Maybe. But first I had something else in mind:


Edit: I gotta do stuff like this at times to keep up my spirits.

Edit: I bet 96% of the people here don’t even know what that picture is


Can’t that be done via the PEX anyway?
Or is the voltage difference an issue?

Looks like the game Donkey Kong and Mario originated from (whose name I forget),
but on a Game & Watch style background.