Hardware mods

So the other day I bought a poster frame for a BoTW poster I bought from wish and cut it down to fit snugly, I had some plastic sheet left and ever since getting pokitto I was worried about the screen being open to the environment so today I cut a piece out and installed it in pokitto. I couldn’t use the original screen holder so I used a piece of the “glass” to hold it in place with a little post it note to make it just snug enough. Unfortunately a bit of dust got inside as I was reassembling it and I don’t feel like opening it again for a cleaning until I make a better screen holder.

No I’ll feel safer when it’s living in my pocket.


That is the type of poster frame I used, they come from wal mart and have a cardboard back plastic sheet front and 4 black c shaped tubes for holding the mess together.

Also now that I know how to cut those down properly I need to cut that frame Down to fit better.

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Princess Zelda looks a bit different in that poster. :thinking:


I used a piece of foam for mine…


I was going to do that but my food tape was gone,
its from BoTW 2, she has short hair in that one,

Yeah, that is an old pinup from my grandfathers garage, it hung in there forever I wish I had another frame and could make it so you could turn it over, the other side is a brunette watering her flowers and a bee scaring her,

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Applying pressure in the screen might produce permanent white bright spots, that is why I only held it by the frame: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=pokitto


Yeah I was worried about that since as a child of the 70/80’s I remember ruining a calculator pressing in the lcd to see the colors lol.

thats not healthy for the screen, also is the polarized on the pokitto the wrong way round (portrait)? the screen like inverts colors depending how close i hold it

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That’s because the screen was designed to be portrait. It was originally designed for phones.

(Or at least I think that’s what @jonne once said?..)


my pokitto so far sports:

  • a cover screen film, cut from a camera screen film protector
  • electric tape beneath each button, to stop the rattling and improve the feeling of being already in contact with the clicky buttons. The rubbery electric tape also helps dampening a bit the click avoiding the hard plastic to bottom out on the clicky buttons. Maybe some thin foamy material could have also worked well.
  • the gba buttons on the back to reset the pokitto have been cut shorter to avoid sticking out so much.

Given the tinkerer nature of the handheld, I don’t mind doing this stuff, it actually feels more “mine” now than before : )


Nice I may do the electrical tape mod, those buttons are really jiggly some days.

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