Hard drive fail - cold sweat!

So, today I woke up too early (5 am) and decided to do something. I went and picked up my computer from the car.

The laptop I use is a HP2760p because it is a rare type of laptop with a Wacom touch screen (for drawing).

The weak point of that laptop (I have 3) is the hard disk. Its a special 1.8" mSATA that is basically impossible to replace with anything, especially a SSD. In other words, its a mechanical disk.

In the night, temperature had gone down to -12C. I put on the computer without letting it get to room temperature - big mistake


… by which time I was already frantically shutting off. I know what that sound means !!! :wink:

15 min of anxious waiting

turn on


… sht sht sh*t… when did I last backup? 2 weeks ago ??

5 min waiting


… omg omg omg! … last development version of Pokitto was not back in github… oh dear!

10 min waiting…

Windows 10 boots…

now ? I’m backing up the HDD

That, ladies and gentlemen, was a very close call :sweat_smile:


OMG It’s just a false alarm.:joy:

Luckily Its getting warm in Beijing.
I dont care about it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel like I’ve just been told a horror story while sat around a campfire.


I like the part where waiting is the solution to a technical issue! I hope your laptop is back to normal now.

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I’m afraid that its now just a question of months before the HDD fails. When the bearings grind like that, the disk begins to vibrate and eventually the head ploughs into the plate. “No boot disk found” is never a good sign, and in my experience always ends up in failure/corruption pretty soon.

I was super afraid that lots of work was lost… :astonished:

Random note… I get up at or before 5am everyday :joy:

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Glad that it was just a warning. Do you leave the laptop outside? How did it got to -12C?

I can’t take that kind of stress!

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