Happy Runeberg Day - Runeberg Torte


The other day I accidentally discovered that the 5th of February is Runebergin päivä (Runeberg Day) in Finland, a day to celebrate J. L. Runeberg, and to celebrate Runeberg Day some people make a Runebergintorttu (Runeberg torte).

Since Finland is the home of the Pokitto, I thought I’d make a Runeberg torte in honour of Pokitto’s homeland!

…Unfortunately I’m not a very good cook, so I made some crude sprite art instead:

Here’s the same sprite scaled up a bit:


It also happens to be my birthday :wink:


Ouh Happy happy birthday then ;D


Just a funny thing this came up, because I always take Runeberg cakes to work when I have my bday.


I’m stuggling to tell if you’re being serious or pulling our legs.

That is a weird coincidence. Did you save us any? :P

Not that we could get them anyway, nobody’s developed a RTTP yet (Runberg Torte Transfer Protocol).

(There is a HTCPCP though - I hear Finland is the top consumer of coffee per capita.)

I found out about Runeberg torte because I was reading the Wikipedia article about Finnish food because I heard that Finland is one of the countries where people live longest (alongside Japan and Greece) so I was wondering what foods they had in common.


Happy birthday!!! :champagne:



This year, I am renting a movie theater to watch Escape from New York , 150 ppl max.

@Hanski, want to come? It’s on saturday at 20:15. No gifts, no speeches :grin: Avec, bring a friend if you want.


Really? Where is that?


Really. I will PM you.


Happy birthday! May this day be filled with whatever you want!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Jonne!
Wow another year just passed away!


Happy Birthday! I wonder when is the birthday of Pokitto?