Hallo from Netherlands

Hallo (dutch for hello)

I live in Lobith, Netherlands. I work with a cnc machine that uses VBA as its controling software.
Been playing with a arduino for a while and then Pokitto came along, wich looks really promosing.

I can hardly wait to make a game for it (or at least try)


Welcome to the forums!

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Hey, hey! Good to see a fellow Dutchie!

Goedemiddag buur. Enough Dutchies here. Iā€™m a Software Developer myself in various languages. New to embedded stuff, but have been coding games for years. Great project for some entertainment ;).

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Let me geuss, you both got here trough Tweakers.net ? :grin:

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That would have been pretty likely since I hang around there often, but funnily enough I was just looking around on KS over the weekend to see if there was any fun electronics stuff to back. Then a day of thinking about it and finally snatching an early bird kit :smile:

General traffic from the RSS reader :slight_smile: the article was in English, so no for me :smiley: probably TNW or Verge or similar in my case.