Halleej from Tilburg, the Netherlands!

Hi everyone!

I just received my Pokitto in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to start programming as well as playing the community-created games!

I already have some game ideas in my head, so hopefully Pokitto wil help me turn those ideas into actual games! I have a little bit of knowledge of programming already (made some really simple stuff in QBasic and Java a long time ago, and I currently work with both Python and R in my daily job), but I feel that some reading up on C++ tutorials will be in order first.

I’m really looking forward to participate in this community!


Hello Netherlands! Welcome on board!


Welcome! I am happy to see Python expert joining. PokittoLib has a MicroPython implementation too. Maybe we soon see more MicroPython games in addition to this :wink:


I recommend this one:

It’s for PC programming, but it’s good for learning the language.

Hee landgenoot ! welkom :smiley:

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@Rakkachi: Ha, bedankt! :smiley:

@Hanski: Wow, I would hardly call myself an expert, haha! I mainly use it in a quite basic manner, for the automatic recoding of responses to online surveys. However, good to hear that it is supported on Pokitto as well, that is something I should look into…

@Pharap: Thanks for sharing the tutorial, this is some nice stuff to read in the upcoming weekend!


Hello neighbor, welcome :blush:

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Hello, nice to see new people :slight_smile: