Greetings Terrestrial Beings

Konbanwa from Space, the residence of your friendly neighbourhood disembodied skull.

Some of you creatures will be familiar with me because I have previously conquered frequented the Arduboy forums.

I know not what interesting calamities games the Pokitto will bring, but I will be sure to do my best to use my atom smashing C++ skills to bring glorious abominations games and mutations libraries to the Pokitto.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty experienced with C++ and programming in general, and although I’m new to Pokitto I’ll try to help people with their code problems and to hopefully develop some useful libraries or something.

(Also a special hello to @crait and @eried, who I am well acquainted with from the Arduboy forum. Oh, and @JuiceLizard, who I only just noticed.)


Welcome to Pokitto. I was just saying the other day that what we needed around here was some disembodied skulls. There was a long thread about it. And here you are! Such good luck. Make yourself at home, please wipe your feet and hang up your coat over there. Restrooms for ethereals in the basement, level -666. Call me if you need anything!


A disembodied skulls game would be cool.

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