Greetings from Croatia

Hey Pokitto fans!.
Just a couple of introductory lines about me:
I come from a tiny country in Europe called Croatia.
I’ve met Jonne (the Pokitto man) back in 2014 on the Gamebuino forum:
and I’ve met him in person on a Maker Faire in Rome back in 2016 where I got to see and play with early Pokito prototypes.
A couple of months ago I’ve launched a Kickstarer campaign that changed my life forever (I get to sleep less now :wink: )

Fun fact: MAKERbuino games can easily be played on the Pokitto (although you can’t play Pokitto games on the MAKERbuino of course).

I’ve backed Pokitto on Kickstarter and I can’t wait to get my Pokitto.
I’d really like to try and see if it’s possible to make MAKERbuino and Pokitto play multiplayer games together.



Hi Albert! I am waiting for my MAKERbuino, cant wait to get to do some soldering!


I’ve backed a Pokitto and a MAKERbuino too :wink:

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@Initgraph & @jonne,
thanks for backing my campaign! We’re working hard and you’ll receive your devices soon.

Unfortunately I’ve only backed Pokitto’s campaign :sweat_smile:

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This is how economy works:

first, we all make DIY game consoles
second, we buy each others consoles

And all become millionaires… oh wait


Ahahah, that’s correct!

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